One Good Thing

At the end of each day, can I answer any part of this question:

     “What have I done today to make the world a better place…for someone else, for part of the animal kingdom, for the environment, for my community and/or the world?”

One thing each day.

It sounds so simple.

But I get busy…doing things.

But I get tired…from doing things.

But I get distracted. Do I do this or that?

But I get overwhelmed.

There is so much that needs good.

It paralyzes me. 

     Is it good enough?

Too much? Too little?

Not in my wheelhouse?

I’ve decided I need to flip it.

Start the day with One Good Intention. 

“With anything else I choose to do today,

I will for sure, do This One Good Thing.”

Even in the midst of horrific happenings,

there is room for one good thing.

No day can be a total disaster.

This will be the bead of sunlight on a rainy day.

This will be my heart open and shining,

sending light out into the world.

This will be my answer at the close of day.

“ I did One Good Thing.”

© 2022 Gail H. Ouimet


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