Walks Across

pexels-photo-691899.jpegGail H. Ouimet

Thirty-three years teaching in an inner city school system, 10,000 miles covered in bicycle touring, study with Native American elders, volunteer work in a women’s federal prison and a young men’s prison, camping and travel, wildlife photography plus cancer and paralysis have given me a travelogue of experiences, ideas and wisdom to share.

Jack of all trades; master of some. After a  career as a health and physical education teacher, I have taken up the pen to record a lifetime of experiences. Some fun and full of adventure. Some rife with angst, pain and tough lessons meted out by the fickle wand of fate. I have wisdom to share, cautionary tales to tell, laughter to provoke and serve myself up as both the wise mentor and the fool.

Hold on. Using my spiritual name: Walks Across the Moon and Stars, I’d like to lead you across this bridge into stories and thoughts  generated by years of adventures. Let’s see where this path leads.